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Bread aims to revolutionize the way you perceive budgeting by providing a user-friendly interface that effortlessly integrates into your daily routine. Say goodbye to complex charts and overwhelming numbers; Bread simplifies financial management without compromising on effectiveness.



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How Bread Works

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Create and manage your budgets

Not sure where to start? Try one of our pre-made budget templates!

Stay in your monthly budget to earn adorable characters

Watch your pastry family grows as you acheive your financial goals!

Settings page

Go over your budget limit? Your character will burn!

Settings page
Settings page

Personalized Insights

Bread generates detailed reports and visualizations to help users understand their spending patterns, trends, and areas for improvement.


Bank Integration

One of the standout features of Bread is its seamless integration with your bank accounts. Imagine effortlessly monitoring your expenses, categorized neatly and readily accessible at your fingertips.

Multiple Accounts

Allows users to manage multiple bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts within the app.

Data Security

Ensures the security and privacy of users' financial data through encryption and other security measures.

Budgeting has never been so fun!

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Try Bread Budgeting! The first friendly budgeting app, built with ❤️ to make saving money fun :)

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